I've been told with affection that I teach ‘eat your vegetables’ yoga — I think that is an apt description!

As the Yoga Engineer, I am offering you the knowledge I’ve gained over 24 years of study and practice in sports medicine, massage therapy, energetics, and yoga. My goal is to empower you and your yoga practice through education and awareness. When you understand the mechanics of your physical body, you can hone your awareness and refine your movement. This process keeps your muscles and joints safe, and trains your mind for the deeper work of a unified yoga practice; to tame the ego and connect with your true Self.

I am building a forum for deeper education, not just a series of interesting sequences.


Private Sessions

Personalized instruction to meet individual needs, break down poses, and expand ­your yoga practice

Teacher Training

Engaging yoga anatomy trainings and curriculum designed to excite and educate

Bodywork & Massage

A combination of physical medicine and intuitive engagement with the subtle body

Practice Mechanics

Comprehensive asana cueing and instruction to help unify your practice and enhance your teaching