I have worked with regional yoga studios, the Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver, BC, as well as the international brand Yoga Works to develop and teach anatomy curriculum that builds curiosity about the body and fuels the creative fire. My 24+ years of experience in sports medicine, massage therapy, bodywork education and yoga instruction offer me a unique perspective on the science of movement and prevention of injury.

My anatomy classes focus less on memorizing muscle names, and instead teach the functional physiology and bio-mechanical imperatives that impact the way we move and WHY this information is relevant. I offer insights critical to the prevention of injury and keys to the efficient movement that yoga practice can offer.

You can hire me for your program in two ways:

Yoga Engineer | Teacher Training

Teacher Training

I will bring my own tried and true curriculum directly to you and teach to your students/teachers as part of your training. My lesson plan covers physical anatomy, joint­ specific range of motion, injury prevention, and the bhandas as they relate to our physical anatomy. Due to my in-­depth approach, 12-­15 hours are ideal for the anatomy section of your yoga teacher training program. The total teaching hours for your particular program will be determined based on your particular training needs and format.

I will provide handouts, skeleton, presentation materials, an energetic discussion, and time for movement and adjustment. (The movement time is dependent on the training format and total allotted time.)


$100 per teaching hour; 10 hours minimum charge

Splits for travel and lodging expenses will be negotiated on a case by case basis for non-local events.

Yoga Engineer | Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

I will consult with you to develop a curriculum that is custom tailored to your yoga teacher training program. I will help you outline objectives, flesh out concepts, and prepare your training and presentation materials.


$500 for up to 5 hours of meetings, development, and writing time; $85 per hour for additional consulting time

$100 per hour for faculty­ teaching or preparatory consulting with staff