Not Your Average Relaxation Massage

I have been working in the healing arts for over 24 years with wide-ranging experience in sports medicine, therapeutic and sports massage, movement therapy, and a variety of energy-medicine techniques. My massage and bodywork integrates my own updated techniques of Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Neurofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy, with more intuitive passive movement, Reiki, energy release and balance, and is heavily influenced by Eastern Medical Theory. This is not a typical full body massage. I offer focused, intentional treatment of specific tissue dis-ease, postural distortions, and chronic pain conditions.



Trillium Wellness Group
2406 SE 60th Ave
Portland, OR 97206

In-home sessions are available for 90-minutes or more if you have appropriate space. Additional fees are assessed for travel time.


$100 per 60-minute session
$150 per 90-minute session
$50 per hour travel time for in-home sessions

Cash, check, credit/debit, and e-payments accepted. You can also purchase eGift Cards for use toward bodywork or private yoga sessions. Please note travel fees may exceed the value and will be due at time of service.