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I call each of these places home at one point or another each year. I am extremely thoughtful in choosing where and with whom I work… And I believe in these studios, their owners, and their teachers. I am thankful for their trust in me to use their space, to share my vision, and to offer up my practice. Please check their schedules for classes in their lineup between my workshops.

Seattle Yoga Shala

Soma Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Bellingham

Mountain Yoga

The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island

Teachers & Organizations

These are teachers I hold dear to my heart… MY teachers, colleagues, and mentors. I heartily recommend joining any class, training, or retreat they offer.

Jennifer Isaacson

Jasyoga + Jasyoga UK

Liz Doyle Yoga + Little Friends Yoga

Yoga Engineer | Affiliates

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