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My engaging workshops offer a clear lesson in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to help you harness the true power of your yoga practice. Special integrative events are offered to help you unify your physical practice with the more subtle aspects of yoga, like breath, philosophy and meditation.

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Current Workshops

Portland, OR

Mechanics of Standing Poses: Finding Your Personal Blueprints

Sunday, 2/24/19 w. Richelle Ricard @ Grinning Yogi PDX

Standing postures are an integral part of the vinyasa yoga practice, often sequenced together and flowing from form to form. This workshop looks at the structure of the hips, legs and feet; observes each student's individual shapes and differences; and offers a new blueprint for each person's ideal alignment in the most classic standing postures. Based on fundamental physiological and biomechanical principles, we'll create the safest and most efficient alignments for your personal body to keep you flowing strong for life!

$35 / $25 Grinning Yogi Members

Mechanics of Sun Salutations: Empowering The Heart And Shoulders

Sunday, 4/7/19 w. Richelle Ricard @ Grinning Yogi PDX

Perhaps both the most ubiquitous and most misunderstood sequence in all of vinyasa yoga, the classic Sun Salutations work the entire body, but particularly challenge the core, chest, and upper extremity. Poor alignment in these parts is certain to wreak havoc on our joints and lead to injury if we aren't careful. We’ll assess our individual structure to ensure the most safe and efficient alignments for your upper body, so you can find sustainable strength for a lifetime of graceful flow!

$35 / $25 Grinning Yogi Members

Seattle, WA

Events now in development. Stay tuned!

Bellvue/REdmond/Eastside, WA

Events in development. Stay tuned!