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First, Do No harm

Ahimsa. The very first tenet of the path of Raja Yoga. The first Yama. Do No Harm. Treat all life with respect, kindness, non-violence. Mightily espoused by yogis world-wide, and most commonly quoted as the fundamental reason yogis "should" be vegetarian, it is one of...

On Non-Grasping

The following is a clunky metaphor, to be sure. Don't think I'm not aware of it. But it is a picture I recently drew for a student caught up in the type-A push and pull of yoga practice: how to be patient and remain present in the process when all you want is the...

From Whence I Came

As I drove through Eastern Washington into North Idaho on Friday, I was overwhelmed with memory.  Not specific memories from my youth, but a visceral memory. The trees of the Inland Northwest are different than in the West.  The topography flows at a different rate,...

Investment vs Sacrifice

I was having lunch with a friend the other day and she told me a story about her job. She told me how she had thrown herself into the opening of this new restaurant with gusto. She committed herself to the owner and the business. She worked long hours and dealt with...

Balance Is A Verb

For those of us with stressful, modern, fast-paced lives…we often say, “I just really need to find some balance!” Read on for what this truly means in our modern world.


For beginners, class can present some confusing and intimidating scenarios. Read on for insight to one of the most common practices in yoga class…

About Richelle Ricard

About Richelle Ricard

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I’ve been told with affection that I teach ‘eat your vegetables’ yoga. I think that is an apt description! As the Yoga Engineer, I am offering you the knowledge I’ve gained over 20+ years of study and practice in sports medicine, massage therapy, energetics, and yoga. My goal is to empower you and your practice through education and awareness.

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